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What you can do with Bitcoin: -Start accepting Bitcoin by simply running the software without the requirements such as having a bank account.   The system uses 8 decimal digits so each Bitcoin can be broken into 100 million pieces. Currencies constitute money and are used as a medium of exchange — otherwise you would constantly be trying to figure out the exchange rate of one commodity versus another.   All the complications come from the need to make sure it is valid and everyone see the same ledger. It is always interesting to hear from the man, the myth, the legend known as Kim DotCom.

-Conduct business with parts of the world not serviced by conventional financial services bitcoin commodity.   It cannot be controlled at any central point. Users can run “nodes” using peer-2-peer connections that shares the ledger.   Bitcoin’s supply is capped at 21 million. FollowFollowing Co-founder & CEO of Civic.

I‘ve referred to bitcoin as a commodity in previous posts and tweets, to much bewilderment. Bitcoin addresses are secure because the numbers are so large that all the computers in the world cannot come close to cracking it. It’s not hard to imagine that a mass adoption of Bitcoin could reach a market cap of more than $1 trillion.Factom.
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Today, FinTech is driving innovation in financial markets across the globe. New technologies are wide-ranging in scope, from cloud computing and algorithmic trading to distributed ledgers to artificial intelligence and machine learning to network cartography, and many others.

Bitcoin is more like gold than the US dollar, Jeff Currie, Goldman Sachs' head of commodities research, said in an interview with Bloomberg TV. Bitcoin...
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The value of a bitcoin has skyrocketed by a whopping 6,000,000% over seven years. But is the digital currency still undervalued in comparison to gold?
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June 2, 2016. CFTC Orders Bitcoin Exchange Bitfinex to Pay $75,000 for Offering Illegal Off-Exchange Financed Retail Commodity Transactions and Failing to Register as a Futures Commission Merchant
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Bitcoin is a new currency that was created in 2009 by an unknown person using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. Transactions are made with no middle men – meaning, no banks!

Bitcoinist asked experts Kim Dotcom, Reggie Middleton and Tone Vays to give us their thoughts on what we should expect from Bitcoin this year.
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01-12-2017 · Bitcoin futures trading can go ahead on three US exchanges, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission said on Friday. Futures contracts give traders a way to bet on bitcoin prices and earn profits without buying the actual cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has surged nearly 1,000% against the dollar this year
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17-12-2013 · Single digit pricing reflecting its option value as a pure commodity play.
TenX to DBG! Bitcoin is an experimental system that combines aspects of a currency (like Dollars, Euros, and Yen) with a payment system (like Paypal) and a commodity (like gold).
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You lose more than you can get. All this bitcoin is a big scam, you support the network with hardware, time and electricity to process the transactions but eventually you give way more than you get!
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